Aircraft Engines D-30KP (KP-2) Repair

SE NARP performs the following repair works for aircraft engines D-30KP,  D-30KP-2:

  1. Mid-life repair with additional procedures under technical bulletins in force; engine service and calendar life extension.Repair procedures are carried out under supervision of engine designer and OEM – JSC “Aviadvigatel“. All the required procedures for engine up-dating are carried out to enhance the reliability of engine systems, components and units and to provide engine life extension.The removable components of automatic fuel management system, the components of lubrication system, engine breather system and electrical system undergo repair with replacement of single-life parts and parameter bench check-out.
  1. D-30KP, D-30KP-2 mid life repair with extra repair procedures, parts replacement and engine life extension by 3 years.
  2. Procedures required for extension of engine run time by 330 hrs or 1 year within its assigned life.
  3. Local repair or reconditioning repair within assigned life to ensure engine run till next overhaul which involves engine diagnostics before engine disassembly, engine disassembly, search for defects, repair procedures (with replacement of rejected items), replacement of single-life parts, non destructing testing, rig testing, internal and external preservation and packing for shipment.
  4. Engine rig testing on the test rig, which is certified as compliant with Ukrainian standards in force.
  5. Manufacturing of rubber parts and disposable items for repair kits of engines and its components

Quality of repair works for the aircraft engines is approved by Maintenance Organization Approval Certificate No. UA.145.0047 issued 08.10.2012 by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, certifying NARP compliance with Section A of Part-145. NARP system of quality meets ISO 9001:2008 standards and was registered compliant with them by “Bureau VERITAS”, Certificate No.UA227144 dtd. March 11, 2013.