Enterprise History

State Enterprise “Nikolaev Aircraft Repair Plant” was established on September 29, 1939, and was based at aircraft repair workshops of “Glavsevmorput” flying school, which later became Air Naval School named after Levanevsky”, Nikolaev.

   From 1939 till 1941 the aircraft repair workshops carried out repair of U-2, R-5, MBR-2, R-6, R-10 aircraft and M-11, M-17, M-22 aircraft engines, which were in operational service with Naval Air.

   In July 1941 because of the threat of Nikolaev occupation by fascist troops the aircraft repair workshops were evacuated to the railway station Bezenchuk, Kuibyshev region.

    During 1942 – 1943 the workshops carried out assembly work on forty R-10 aircraft and ten Pe-2 aircraft, which after being assembled, tuned and tested were sent to the front.

    After Ukraine had been liberated from German-fascist aggressors in September – December 1944 the aircraft repair workshops were dislocated to village Stepanovka, Kherson region, and stayed there till 1949. During these years Тu-2, Il-4, PО-2 aircraft and М-17, М-11, М-105, М-100 engines were repaired at the workshops.

   On January 8, 1947, the aircraft repair workshops of Air Naval School named after Levanevsky” were reorganized into aircraft repair base 793, which was named “military unit 69223”.

   In September 1949 aircraft repair base 793 was re-deployed to its permanent location – Kulbakino station, Nikolaev, The workforce of the base numbered 250 military men and about 150 employees. At that time the repair base provided repair of Pe-2, Il-4, Tu-2 aircraft and ASH-82, ASH-88B engines.

Late 1950s and early 1960s became a watershed period for the enterprise. Repair of new generation Tu-16 aircraft and RD-3M-500 engine started to develop. Productive capacities were increasing and the enterprise became one of the leading repair facilities in the Naval Air.

    Under the Navy Headquarters Directive dated February 17, 1960, repair base 793 was reorganized into plant 328 and placed under command of the director of Naval Air Training Centre 33.

   Tu-95 aircraft repair mastering was the next significant step forward in enterprise history. The first aircraft of this type after undergoing scheduled maintenance performed the test flight in 1972.

    Taking into consideration the productive capacities of the enterprise, the level of training of its specialists, close location of “Zorya” plant, in 1965 the Naval Command assigned the objective to master repair procedures for naval gas turbine plants.

    Thus, starting from 1963 the enterprise performed repair of Tu-16 aircraft of different modifications; AM-3, RD-3M, RD-3M-500 aircraft engines; GTU-2, GTU-2A, GTU-2M, D-2B, M-2 marine engines.

    From 1972 till 1977 the repair procedures for Tu-95 RTs aircraft had been developed and mastering of Tu-142 aircraft repair started in 1978.

     In view of the significance of the set tasks; scope of repair of Tu-16, Tu-95, Tu-142 aircraft, aircraft engines and naval gas turbine plants, avionics, navigation equipment and weapons the productive capacities of the enterprise were significantly expanded due to the new machinery and test-bench equipment. Besides, specialists were being trained, new residential buildings and social facilities were being built in that period.

   Early 1980s entered the history of the plant as a new stage in mastering repair of third-generation Tu-22M aircraft.

    In October 1985 Aircraft Repair Plant 328 (m/u 69223) was placed under command of the Commander-in-chief of the USSR Navy.

   After the collapse of the USSR in 1992 the enterprise joined the repair network of the Ministry of Defense of and was placed under command of Ukrainian Air Force. At that time the overall volume of production shrank significantly.

At that time the top management and the personnel of the plant faced the following extremely complicated but vital tasks: to retain the production base and experienced workforce, to maintain its mission as an aircraft repair facilities, to prepare and start production of variable consumer goods.

   Since 1993 the personnel of the plant has started to perform the mid-life repair of Su-24 aircraft of all modifications, mastered and carried out repair of aircraft engines NК-8-2U, D-30КP, АI-8, ТА-6А, М-14P, М-14V26, repair of aircraft equipment for commercial aircraft (АN-12, АN-24/26, АN-32, IL-18, IL-38, IL-62, YAK-40/42, Тu-134, Тu-154), performed repair and scheduled maintenance for IL-76 aircraft.

In 1996 the military unit 9223 was renamed into military unit А-4475 “State Enterprise of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine “Nikolaev Aircraft Repair plant “NARP”.


During 1999-2000 the design bureau of the plant developed and designed an ultra light aircraft “NARP-1”. Thefirstaircraftofthekindwasmanufacturedin 2000. During 2000-2002 ultra light aircraft “NARP-1” performed production test flights and official test flights, underwent certification procedures and received the Certificate of the Type TP No. 0004 dt. 1 March, 2002 and the Certificate of Production Approval of “NARP-1” Aircraft No. SV0007 dt. 21 June, 2004.

    Since 2002 the enterprise has started the serial production of NARP-1 aircraft.

    In 2006 SE “NARP” joined the State Joint Economic Association – Concern “Aviavoenremont”.

    In 2006 under the directive of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the border check point was opened on the territory of the enterprise, which enables to handle foreign aircraft, which arrive at the enterprise aerodrome “Kulbakino” for repair or maintenance.

     Since 2008 the plant has started to master life-extension procedures (major overhaul with life extension) for IL-76MD and IL-78 aircraft. The appropriate actions are also taken to master major overhaul for aircraft engines DF-30KP (KP-2).

   In 2011 SE “Nikolaev Aircraft Repair Plant “NARP” joined the State Concern “UKROBORONPROM”.

    Today the enterprise offers:

  – Life extension procedures for Il-76МD and IL-78 aircraft and mid-life repair of refueling pod UPAZ-1, for this purpose a unique UPAZ-1 test rig was made by enterprise experts;

– Mid-life repair of Su-24 aircraft of all modifications. Extension of production capabilities is under way, which will enable the enterprise to carry out assembly of equipment packages, required for Su-24 aircraft upgrading.

   – Enhanced mid-life repair of D-30КP (КP-2) aircraft engines;

– Major overhaul of APUs ТА-6А (А1, B,V), ТА-6V, ТG-16М, АI-8, gas turbine plants М2BЕ, D2Е, D2К, М8G, DZЕ, М5Е, М7К, gas turbine engines DR-59L, DО-14, DZh-59L2 (L3). The personnel of the enterprise continues to master the procedures for D-30KP (KP-2) major overhaul. The range of aircraft equipment repaired by enterprise for commercial aircraft is constantly increasing.