IL-76/78 Aircraft Repair

SE “NARP” is capable to provide Il-76/78 repair in a specialized hangar.

NARP system of quality control meets ISO 9001:2000 standards and was registered compliant with international aerospace standards by “Bureau VERITAS”.

The enterprise offers the following services:

  1. Special procedures to ensure service and calendar life extension for IL-76MD and IL-78 aircraft: setting time between overhauls within assigned life; disassembly procedures, estimation of actual technical condition, restoration of aircraft frame, systems and components;
  2. Checks according to all forms of scheduled maintenance for Il-76, Il-76T, Il-76TD, Il-76MD, Il-78 aircraft: scheduled checks, one time inspections and checks, special procedures to be carried out while aircraft are kept on the ground, special procedures under bulletins;
  3. IL-76, IL-76TD aircraft running repair.
  4.   Special procedures to ensure service life extension till first overhaul and calendar life extension;
  5. D-30 KP (KP-2) engines mid-life repair with additional work under technical bulletins in force, engine service and calendar life extension. Repair works are carried out under supervision of engine designer – JSC “Aviadvigatel”;
  6.   Major overhaul of APUs TA-6A (A1, B);
  7.   OverhaulandrunningrepairofIL-76 andIL-78 components and aggregates;
  8.   IL-76 aircraft weighing and balancing;
  9.   Aircraft frame corrosion treatment, application of protective coatings, local and overall aircraft painting with special aviation and polyurethane paints in accordance with customer’s design.
  10. Mid-life repair of UPAZ-1 refueling pods, installed on IL-78 aircraft, with their life extension.
  11.   Manufacturing of rubber products and disposable items for repair kits of IL-76/78 aircraft engines and aggregates.

12.IL-76/78 aircraftwindowsrepair.

SE “NARP” iscapabletoprovidevariabletypesofrepair works at the aircraft base of the Customer.

Aerodrome “Kulbakino”and the border check point, located on the territory of the enterprise, provide the opportunity to handle foreign aircraft, which arrive for repair or scheduled maintenance or leave after repair.

The enterprise employs modern testers, data processing means, a wide spectrum of universal and specialized technological equipment for reassembling and control testing of IL-76 aircraft and their engines.

High quality of repair works for the aircraft of IL-76 type is approved by Maintenance Organization Approval Certificate No. UA.145.0047 issued 08.10.2012 by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, certifying NARP compliance with Section A of Part-145.

NARP system of quality that meets ISO 9001:2008 standards and was registered compliant with them by “Bureau VERITAS”, Certificate No.UA227144 dtd. March 11, 2013.