Manufacturing base

The total area the enterprise occupies is 9 hectares, 152 thousand square meters of which are repair and production facilities.

SE “NARP” is a complex of separate workshops, involved in aircraft frames, aircraft engines, aircraft aggregates, engine aggregates, electrical equipment, avionics, radio electronics and power supply systems repair; engine drive for gas pumping stations and vessel gas turbine power units repair.

During many years of work with aircraft and marine machinery and constant renovation of enterprise facilities to master repair of new generation machines SE NARP has created well-developed base to fulfill complicated technological repair processes and manufacture crucial parts and units for different types of aircraft.

All the procedures are performed in strict compliance with the requirements of State Standards and technical publications. SE “NARPP” system of quality control meets ISO 9001:2008 standards and was registered compliant with international aerospace standards by “Bureau VERITAS”.

To restore technical parameters, mechanical characteristics of aircraft and engines components and during their consumable parts manufacturing the enterprise employs almost all used in aviation special procedures:

  • galvanic coatings (copper plating, silvering, zinc plating, nickel-cadmium, tinning, cadmium plating, electrochemical polishing, anodizing, stainless steel passivating, chromium plating, chemical oxidation, oxiphosphatizing, copper and copper alloys passivating, chemical nickel-plating, carbon removal, cleaning of parts with aluminium oxide abrasive and stone grit);
  • strengthening mechanical processing: splitting up jet, vibrotumbling, processing with micro balls;
  • different types of welding;
  • plasmic plating for special surfaces;
  • corrosion treatment for aircraft frames and structure elements with chemical oxidation method, application of protective coatings;
  • painting of items with acryl and polyurethane enamels made by “Dupont”
  • special procedures of non-destructive control: magnetic, ultrasound, vertical, X-ray, capillary;
  • cylindertestsunderpressure.

The specialized operations underwent initial certification and were given Quality Certificate.

The stock of machinery enables the enterprise to use all kinds of processes like turning, milling, grinding, finishing when repairing or manufacturing different parts and components.

A special production site was set up to manufacture disposable rubber parts for repair kits for different types of engines and aggregates. The range of products includes a large list of items: sealing collars, sealing rings, gaskets, shock absorbers, diaphragms and other parts with max. diameter 500 mm, including rubber parts for air, marine, automobile and agricultural machinery. Rubber parts production was approved by Certificate of Production, issued by Ukrainian State Research and Design Institute “DINTEM”, Dnepropetrovsk.

The enterprise employs modern testers, data processing means, a wide spectrum of universal and specialized technological equipment for reassembling and control testing of aircraft and engines.

The enterprise also has a chemical laboratory and a special laboratory for estimation of technical condition of instruments and measuring equipment and calibration of testers.

The enterprise has a great experience in making test rigs to test complex automated aircraft and engine control systems and in creation and certification of test benches for engines. The enterprise has also accumulated considerable experience in upgrading specialized equipment.