NARP-1 aircraft

State Enterprise “Nikolaev Aircraft Repair Plant “NARP” designed serial production of ultra light single engine two-seat aircraft with aerodynamic control “NARP-1”. The mass production has been launched since 2002.

    “NARP-1” is a universal aircraft intended for aerial spray in agriculture, initial pilot training and training flights; passenger transportation; patrolling; aerial survey; monitoring; photography and video recording; pleasure flights; participation in competitions and air shows; personal use. The aircraft obtained a special Certificate and is the only aircraft of the kind in Ukraine, listed in the national register of the aircraft authorized to perform aerial spray.

This hush and eco-friendly aircraft can seat one instructor and one pilot.

The flight-control and navigation equipment of the aircraft provide the performance of day(light) flights under normal weather conditions in compliance with VFR. The aircraft is equipped with radio station ICOM A23 and digital complex aviation instrument Stratomaster Ultra L. “NARP-1” is easily controlled, it does not require advanced piloting techniques and performs all the manoeuvres of non piloted aircraft in take off and climbing mode, under horizontal flight conditions, during descent and landing with on and off engine. Four-stroke piston engine ROTAX-912S (power 100 HP, service life between overhauls-1200 hrs, fuel consumption-15 l/h) is installed on the aircraft.

“NARP-1” is a regular, strut-braced high-wing monoplane with enclosed two-door cockpit and row arrangement of pilot seats. The wing of composite structure with fixed nose and plain flap is covered with fabric covering. The all-metal fuselage is of riveted construction with tail boom and fabric covering of rear part of the cabin. The control wheel is used for the roll and pitch control. The control column is fixed to the cockpit ceiling and thus shortens the length of the wiring for the high wing monoplane. A special feature of the aircraft construction is the possibility of placement of a tank (120 l capacity) for chemical solution under the cabin.

The tank is fixed with removable attachment, that enables to disconnect and drop the tank in 1 sec. in case of emergency. The other thing that differs ‘NARP-1” from other modern ultra light aircraft is the installation of fresh-air intake for ventilation system on the roof of the cabin, that provides more comfortable and safe conditions for pilots during aerial spray works. The aircraft has non-retractable three-strut landing gear with fixed nose wheel and main brake wheels. The main legs are of pyramid scheme.

The aircraft was certified by the National Department of Air Transport of Ukraine and got the Type Certificate TP No. 0004 dt. 1 March, 2002 and the Certificate of Production Approval of “NARP-1” Aircraft No. SV0007 dt. 21 June, 2004.

The aircraft was highly estimated by experts from National Department of Air Transport of Ukraine and agricultural organisations of Ukraine. The aircraft is also used by the National Flight Academy of Ukraine for initial training of pilots

NARP system of quality meets ISO 9001:2000 standards and was registered compliant with them by “Bureau VERITAS”.

Performance Characteristics

  • Engine: ROTAX – 912S, four-cylinder, power 100 HP
  • Propeller: glass fibre plastic, three-blade with adjustable pitch.


Aircraft dimensions:

  • Overall lenghth – 6,58 m.
  • Wing span – 11,68 m.
  • Wing square – 16,67 m2.
  • Wing aspect ratio – 7,64 m.


Weight characteristics:

  • Take off weight – 630 kg.
  • Empty weight – 410 kg.
  • Fuel tanks: main – 2×18 l.
  • Suspended tank for chemical solution -120 l.


Speed characteristics:

  • Cruise speed – 110 km/h.
  • Max. speed – 160 km/h.
  • Speed at air spraying – 95 – 110 km/h.
  • Landing speed – 75 – 80 km/h.

Flight endurance: 2,5 hrs

Air spray span: 25 m.

Chemical solution doze, l/hectare: 0,5 – 0,6

Efficiency, hectare/h: 80 – 160

Fuel consumption, l/hectare: 0,075 – 0,079

Time for tank for chemical solution filling, min.: 5 – 7

The aircrat does not require specially designed runway surfaces;

Flight distance with empty tank for chemical solution

and fully filled gas tank (in calm weather), km – 200;

Flight distance with fully filled suspended gas tank (64 l) (in calm weather), km: 580;

Proof load factor: + 3,8 – 2.

Service life:

Aircraft and equipment:

– assigned service life: 4000 hrs or 10 000 landings or 15 years;

– first service life: 2000 landings, 1000 hrs., 5 years.

– service life between overhauls: on technical condition

(not exceeding 1000 hrs., 5 years).


Engine ROTAX – 912ULS:

– assigned service life: 45 years or 3600 hrs., 2 major overhauls;

– service life till major first overhaul: 1200 hrs or 15 years;


– assigned service life: 4 years, flight hrs. – on technical condition

– warranty period – 1 year.