Services CPL SE NARP

SE NARP offers calibration procedures for instruments and testers. All the procedures are performed at NARP approved central laboratory which incorporates chemical analysis laboratory and instrumentation calibration laboratory.

NARP central laboratory is approved as compliant with standards in force and is awarded with the Certificate of Attestation of metrology laboratory (No. 061Мdtd. 08.08.2011) and the Certificate of Attestation of measuring laboratory (No. РН-0088/2012 dtd. 27.08.2012 ).

NARP approved central laboratory performs the following procedures:

  1. Testing the quality of varnish, enamels, sealing materials, primers, solvents, rubber mixes, steel and alloys, bolts, solvents for plating baths, screws and pins, etc. for being compliant with State Standards.
  2. Analysis of oil, diesel fuel oil, fuel for jet thrusters (ТС-1).
  3. Calibration of the following measuring instruments and tools:
  • tools for measuring geometry values (calipers, micrometers, angle meters, etc.);
  • tools for measuring mechanical values (dynamometers, weigh scales, etc.);
  • instruments for measuring pressure, electrical and magnetic valuesи (pressure gauges, ammeters, voltmeters, megaohmmeters, etc.) vacuum devices;
  • instruments for measuring radio technical and radio electronic values (oscillographs, generators, counters, calibrators, etc.).

NARP system of quality meets ISO 9001:2008 standards and was registered compliant with them by “Bureau VERITAS”, Certificate No.UA227144 dtd. March 11, 2013.