State Enterprise Mykolayiv Aircraft Repair Plant ``NARP``

Mykolayiv Aircraft Repair Plant “NARP”, founded in 1939, is a state enterprise for repairing aviation and marine equipment. During the period of its existence, the enterprise has gained extensive experience, created a robust production base, and conducted significant repairs of 32 types of aircraft and 38 types of engines. Since 2002, the plant has been the developer and manufacturer of the first mass-produced ultralight aircraft in Ukraine, “NARP-1”, operated in several CIS countries.

The plant is a modern and high-performance complex that specializes in the repair and maintenance of aircraft and aircraft engines. Currently, NARP is repairing aircraft, engines, and their components for airlines of Ukraine, the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, and the air force of the CIS and non-CIS countries.

Our benefits are:

  • Extensive experience,
  • the professionalism of the personnel,
  • availability of permission to perform international flights from the company’s home airfield,
  • the closed technological cycle of restoration work,
  • accurate compliance with the requirements of the state standards and technical documentation,
  • the use of modern equipment and control and verification equipment.

The long-term contracts with manufacturers of repair kits and spare parts ensure high quality of repairs and make it possible to fulfill orders at world standards.

The control system at SE “NARP” meets the requirements of international aerospace standards version ISO 9001:2015 and is certified for compliance by the Bureau “VERITAS”.

What do we do?

Our services

APU repair

auxiliary power units

Repair of gas turbine engines

and gas pumping units

Engine repair

D-30KP (KP-2)


CPL SE NARP Services

Provision of services

recreation center ``Falcon`` SE ``NARP``

Production base

The production area of NARP is 52 thousand square meters, which are located on 95 hectares. The company is a complex of independent shops engaged in the repair of gliders, aircraft engines, aircraft and engine units, electrical equipment, electronic automation, electronic equipment and power supply systems, as well as drive motors of gas pumping stations and ship gas turbine power plants.

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Enterprise news

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Audit results for 2020
Independent auditor’s report “Kreston GCG” for 2020
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The Management System certificate Bureau «VERITAS» is given (11.03.2013)
State Enterprise “NARP” got new certificate of accordance the Management System with requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008 ( №UA227144от 11.03.2013г.). This certificate is certified on accordance by Bureau “Veritas” and proves accordance the management system of enterprise with requirements of international aerospace standards ISO 9001:2008. The certificate is issued by “Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine” […]
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